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Mobile Stories of God at Work

by Dan Henrich -

Need video stories of God at work around the world for Christian international new exchange. Potentially see your stories on both broadcast and/or streaming stations. This is a start up and your contributions are pro bono. FMI

Smartphone Filmmaking Workshops India and Thailand

by Dan Henrich -

I will be conducting 4 courses during the summer of 2019. 

June 24-28 in Mumbai India - Basic Course 50 attendees

July 1-5 in Varanasi, India - Basic Course 30 attendees

July 15-19 on Khon Kaen, Thailand - Basic Course 50 attendees

July 22-26 in Chiang Mai, Thailand - Advanced Course 30 attendees

Basic Course (final projects from 2018 can be viewed at


 -to use your smartphone to make movies

- to write/adapt scripts

- film terminology

- filming at 4k resolution

-film lighting

- crewing other student’s productions

- produce your own short film

Advanced Course


 - advanced smartphone filming techniques

- to write/adapt scripts

- advanced film style editing on your smartphone

-use of dollys, sliders, gyro stablizers

- advanced audio techniques

-film lighting

LittWorld 2009

by Andrew Steele -
The countdown begins to MAI's first LittWorld in Africa, just one year from now.

Mark your calendars now forthis unique international Christian publishing
conference. Please help us spread the word by forwarding this newsletter and
subsequent ones to your colleagues. And let us know if we should add anyone to our mailing list. See you in Nairobi!

-The MAI team

LittWorld Travels to Africa

LittWorld will make its first African debut, November 1-6, 2009, in Nairobi,
Kenya. MAI's international publishing conference trains and encourages men and women in Christian publishing around the world through discussions, seminars and one-on-one consultations.LittWorld offers opportunities to network, strategize and hone writing and publishing skills. Sincethe conference began in 1986, publishers, editors and authors from 94 countries have participated. In 2009, MAI anticipates 180 participants from 40 different countries.

Read more details, checkpricing and register online.

Download a brochure pdf.

Why Kenya?

The Church in Africa increases annually by an estimated 2.4 percent, faster than anywhere else in the world. Yet, many African believers lack Christian literature written by Africans. As the number of new Christians in Africa expands, so does the need for locally authored Christian literature that can
nurture the growing Church and equip it to reach society with relevant messages of peace, hope and truth. MAI decided to hold LittWorld 2009 in Kenya as part of a vision to increase access to Christian publishing in Africa.

Many humanitarian issues still plague Africa: one third of African countries
are entangled in civil wars or trapped in cycles of civil unrest. A staggering 60 percent of worldwide AIDS victims are African. Despite these troubles, Africa's economy is developing, giving it a viable chance at breaking the cycle of poverty, provided strong political and religious figures lead wisely.

"LittWorld Africa is, to the best of my heart's desire, ripe, says Lawrence Darmani, MAIs regional trainer for Africa. It was just a matter of God's timing before participants would troop into Africa to get the feel of our continent.

LittWorld 2009's local coordinator, Kenyan journalist Mary Kiio, is already busy
preparing. Starting in January, Mary will work eight hours per week, helping
MAI's international office with local preparations and logistics for the November 1-6, 2009, conference. Learn more about Mary in our next LittWorld e-newsletter in January.

Online Conference for

by Andrew Steele -
What is Corporate Learning: Trends and Innovations?

This online conference claims to provide
  • An exciting opportunity for corporate leaders, directors, CLOs, trainers, and consultants to discuss the directions and innovations in corporate learning.
  • A free online conference, running from November 15-20, 2007. World renowned speakers will present live (all sessions will be recorded). Of greatest value, we feel, will be the opportunity for attendees to engage in dialog with each other through online forums - forming connections and exchanging ideas and visions on corporate learning.
  • A different kind of conference experience with many opportunities for active participation for attendees who wish. All sessions will be recorded and available within a few minutes after the session for people who cannot attend at that time.
details can be found at:

This information is provided by ICTI for members and those registered on our website. You can cancel Email notification by visiting the online forum.

Feasibility Study

by Frank Gray -

Dr. Ross James has asked me to conduct a feasibility study to determine if there is need for a new kind of Cambridge Radio Course.

It would not be a direct replacement for the CRC and it would have a specific emphasis on Radio Programming in Health Promotion (RPHP) which you can find on the HCR web-site: or especially using the following link:

As you are aware Ross/HCR have had considerable experience in this area and have a number of good projects behind them in a variety of locations. Many of these are locations where we would be prevented from doing more "traditional" kinds of Christian broadcasting.

The proposed course would be residential and would combine RPHP with Hands-on-Training with the goal of participants producing programs to Broadcast Standard.

It is likely that the venue for the training would be Asia.

It is not intended to compete with any other existing training that we are aware of but there may inevitably be some areas of overlap.

I am not sure if this is the best place to announce this specific interest but it seems like being a good forum where it could be discussed.

You can respond to me at if you prefer that to this open blog.

Radio Journalism

by Andrew Steele -
In partnership with Radio Africa Network we will be offering a five course for radio producers and reporters wishing to develop their skills as journalists. 6-10 October 2008

For further information contact

ACB Technical Training. Pretoria, November 29, 30, 2007

by Andrew Steele -

ACB Technical Training. 2 days in Pretoria, November 29-30, 2007.

This course is designed for people with technical responsibilities in ACB member organisations involved in Christian radio broadcasting and programme production. It will involve training in basic studio configuration, assembly and maintenance, as well as basics of computer networking, digital editing and formats, telephone hybrids etc. It will cover basic studio set-up and operation, but not transmitters and RF. It will involve both practical and theoretical training over two full days. It is intended for people with some knowledge and experience but no formal training in this particular field.
This first course will be for audio (radio) and not video (TV), but a video studio course will follow if there is a demand.

Venue: Hatfield Church, Pretoria.

Cost: R400 including course material, mid-day and evening meals, but not accommodation. Accommodation can be arranged on request.

Please register by November 20. (See attached form)

Radio Producers' Training - Residential Course in Tanzania

by Andrew Steele -
The annual Radio Producers' Training course offered by Habari Maalum Media and IBRA Training at Arusha Tanzania begins in January 2006 and runs until 31 January 2007. More information from