Approved Training Providers

The Institute offers member organisations the opportunity to be recognised as an Approved Training Provider.

The process of seeking recognition involves an audit which many agencies have found especially helpful in itself even if they subsequently choose not to seek full approval. The audit questionnaire helps the agency to review its processes, curriculum and procedures to ensure it is following the best practice.

Subject to membership of ICTI and payment of the yearly membership donation, a training provider is entitled to apply for the Approved Training Provider (ATP) status from the International Communication Training Institute for one or more of its courses.

The process

The application form, called “self audit questionnaire”, has been developed by a team of media professionals who identified core areas to be addressed for institutions wishing to receive the ATP status. It was then tested by three training providers and adjusted based on the feedback received.

1. The applicant submits the self audit questionnaire providing detailed information about the course/s, principles for assessment and evaluation of students, the faculty, finances, facilities and other resources of the institution as well as endorsements from professionals in the field or from former students.

There is also an approval fee of £500 to be paid. Applicants are invited to pay a larger amount, up to the full cost, on a voluntary basis.

ICTI appoints an assessment panel of one person representing ICTI and two who are academics or professionals in the field of training to review the application. The members of the panel may request further information from the applicant or require that further criteria be fulfilled. Often the panel members will make observations or suggestions which the applicant might find useful, but are not required for the purpose of the approval.

2. A site visit is made by one or more of the panel members. This is usually done before approval is granted, but, if more convenient, may be done at a later point provided there is the assurance that the quality of the applicant is high enough for approval to be granted. Exceptionally, approval may be granted without a site visit.

3. If the ICTI Council is satisfied that the requirements for approval are met, approval is granted. The institution is informed, receives a certificate, and authorisation to use the ATP logo.

Re-evaluation of the ATP status

A re-evaluation of the ATP status is made after approximately three years. This is so that training providers can review what they are doing and ensure that they maintain their standards at a high level. It also provides assurance to others of the continuing quality of the training provider.

For further information and to receive a self-audit questionnaire contact the Institute by Email.

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