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by David De la Haye - Monday, 13 August 2007, 3:54 PM
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David De la Haye

A highly experienced Consultant, Project Manager and Training Specialist, equally at home in the private and public sectors, within large and small organisations.
One of the two primary consultants, and co-founder, of Cetex Ltd, a UK company, established in 1994 to carry out consultancy and training in the UK and overseas.
David’s main expertise lies in getting results through motivating people, streamlining systems, and increasing the effectiveness of teams.

Director, Cetex Ltd; 1994 - Present
1996 / Present - Co-developed Training of Trainers course. International Communications Training Institute (ICTI)
1994/7 - Established a successful training and business development service to small and medium sized companies in the South West of England, and delivered these services on behalf of a public body Devon & Cornwall Training Enterprise Council (TEC)
1997/8 - Designed and delivered vocational course in Business Skills for a secondary education establishment Teign School, Kingsteignton, Devon
1998/9 - Rescued several “failing†projects, and made improvements to methodologies for IT development Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Research Division
2000 - Successful implementation of a fast-track project to deliver infrastructure and pre-launch facilities for new on-line Bank Halifax, Intelligent Finance (
2000/1 - Management of implementation of new Payroll and HR systems, following acquisitions and mergers. AXA Insurance Group
2001/2 - Timely delivery of a late-running project, split between Madrid and UK, and improvement of the project delivery environment GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals, Discovery Division
2003/5 - Introduced formalised Project Methodologies, and led the organisation through the introduction of IP telephony, Web Content Management, Customer Relationship Management, and Document and Record Management Sport England (English Sports Council) - public sector
2005/7 - Consultancy in a major UK government department on behalf of a multi-national consultancy group - specifically, rescuing one failing project and successfully delivering an “impossible†project on time and budget, and demonstrating how changes to ways of working can achieve huge benefits Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, on behalf of CapGemini group.

Personnel and Training Manager, Centrax Ltd; 1989 - 1994
Training Consultant, Engineering Industry Training Board; 1984 - 1989
Technical Director, Gullsystem Ltd; 1980 - 1984
Chief Designer, Safeway Firewatch Ltd; 1976 - 1980

Education and Qualifications
• University of Bristol
• Torquay Grammar School for Boys
• Certificate in Training and Development (Institute of Training and Development)

• Team Leadership
• Innovation and problem solving
• Specialist in vocational training, management training and project management

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by Jan-Erik Nyman - Monday, 13 August 2007, 3:42 PM
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Curriculum Vitae

Jan-Erik Nyman

Jan-Erik is a highly experienced coordinator and leader, who over the years have developed an extensive network of media production centers and radio stations across Africa.

He has an eye for new opportunities and is able to involve both leaders and subordinates in new visions.
Jan-Erik is good at seeing the big picture, and organize tasks into manageable formats and systems.
Professional Experience
1989 – Present. IBRA (International Broadcasting Association) Sweden
Regional director Africa
Coordinate the work of IBRA and partners in Africa South of Sahara. The number of countries and projects has varied over the years as the work has grown: In short the responsibility covered the following countries over the years:
2007 – Present Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, DR Congo, Sudan South, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Mozambique.
2000 – 2007 Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, DR Congo, Sudan South, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Nigeria, Niger, Benin, Togo, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Mali, Guinea.
1989 – 2000 Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, DR Congo, Sudan South, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Mozambique.
Because of the rapid growth of the work in West Africa that region has been developed to become an independent region with its own regional director since January 2007.

Research of needs and possibilities and initiation of new media projects in the region.
Develop and monitor the annual IBRA budget and action plan for the region.
Develop relevant and effective radio program strategies.
Develop and make sure there is a relevant and effective audience relations department connected to every production centre.
Analyze the training needs, and arrange that co-workers in the various projects get relevant training in the fields of media production, journalism, leadership etc.
When necessary develop and deliver training in the above mentioned fields.
Managerial and administrative tasks with regard to running the IBRA Africa regional office.
Do Training needs analysis, coordinate and plan training events for IBRA and partners in the region.
Develop and deliver short courses (3 – 14 days) in media related topics. In average 3 – 6 courses annually in various countries across Africa.
1997 - 2001 IBRA Training Director
Initiated and established a training department for IBRA International with the focus on analyzing training needs and coordinate training activities.
Developed and delivered a number of various media related courses.
(This position was held parallel to the IBRA Regional Director work.)

1981 – 1996 Director Radio Habari Maalum , Tanzania (Partner organization to IBRA)
Directing, managing and leading a growing media production centre in Tanzania. During these years the centre developed into production of radio and TV programs of Christian, educational and social development character. The programs were broadcasted on Shortwave to cover all of Swahili speaking East Africa. Later FM stations and TV stations spread over East Africa were added to the broadcast platforms used. Programs and educational material was also produced and distributed on Cassette and Video.
Initiated, developed and managed a music production house “Habari Maalum Music†(1986 onwards) with recording, production and distribution of Christian music in the region. Sales by the end of Jan-Erik’s leadership averaged 12000 sold units per month.
1977 – 1981 Technician and Producer Radio Habari Maalum, Tanzania
Recorded and edited radio programs of Christian, Educational and social development contents.
Responsible for the studios and technical department of the organization.
Produced and presented (in Swahili), radio programs of Christian, Educational and social development contents.
Coordinated program production.
Additional Professional Experience
1983 – 1994 Chairperson of Literature Board of the Pentecostal Churches Association in Tanzania (PCAT)
Chaired the board that is responsible for a publishing house, a printing press, two bookshops and development and publishing of literature for blind people (Braile).
Initiated and planned the building of a bigger and more convenient centre in Arusha for the publishing activities.
1981 – 1996 Member of the National Board of the Pentecostal Churches Association in Tanzania (PCAT)
Ordinary member of the national governing body of the PCAT churches, dealing with strategic and goal-setting issues, as well as monitoring the executive office bearers.
1981 – 1996 Member of a number of church and media related committees and working groups within PCAT.
Examples, but not an exhausting list of committees and working groups:
Working group for establishment of corporate ethical guidelines for PCAT.
Committee governing schools and training institutions of PCAT.
Committee of evangelism and missions of PCAT.
Committee for environment protection and development of PCAT.
Scholarship committee of PCAT.

Co-Founder of local church (PCAT/FPCT in Ngaramtoni, Tanzania, and the first chairperson 1990 – 1996
2004 Co-founder of Africa by Radio
Africa by Radio is a continent wide body that strives to build a network of Christian radio organizations across Africa with a view to avoid duplication, and encourage cooperation as well as development of Christian radio into new areas.
Chairperson of Africa by Radio Steering committee, and representing Africa by Radio at World by Radio, that is a similar body with global perspectives.
2002 Co-founder of Africa Media Trainers (AMT) a network of Christian media trainers across Africa.
1997 - Co-founder and developer of Radio Producers Training (RPT) in Arusha Tanzania.
RPT is a one year (diploma) comprehensive radio producers course accredited by ICTI.
2001 - Co-founder and developer of a media training delivered through internet.
Chairperson of the executive board of
2004 – Developed the Leadership Development Program, (LDP). A seven months training and coaching program to develop leaders.
Developed the program after extensive training needs analysis among media leaders in Africa. Conducted the training and coaching. 2005 – 2007 six courses thought.
2007 – Project coordinator for Finlands Svenska PIngstmission (FSPM) supporting the development of Habari Maalum Media Academy in Arusha Tanzania.
Coordinate and liaise between FSPM in Finland, Habari Maalum Media in Tanzania, IBRA, Swedish Pentecostal Mission and the Finnish government (that is funding the buildings of the project).
Responsible in front of FSPM and the Finnish government (Finnida) for the HMMA building project. This includes financial and activity reports etc.
Trainer at ICTI Training of Trainers courses 2002, 2003 and 2005.
1998 ICTI Training of Trainers Certificate
Swedish “gymnasium†natural science program 1974.

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Picture of Andrew Steele
by Andrew Steele - Sunday, 6 August 2006, 12:52 AM
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Andrew Gordon STEELE

Higher Qualifications
2004 MA Communication Practice - IICE / University of Wales
1977 BSc Civil Engineering - University of Bristol
2006 PGCE Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Post Compulsory Education & Training) - University of Huddersfield

1995 ADipR Archbishops Diploma for Readers - validated by Open University
1981 Post-graduate study in cross-cultural communication, All Nations College

Relevant Positions/Jobs Held
1995 - present
Executive Director, International Communication Training Institute. An industry standards partnership for international broadcasters and media agencies working in religious broadcasting and media.
Senior Associate, International Christian Media Commission - working with International Director to facilitate and develop media and arts partnerships in particular relating to media training and research. Publish and write for occasional magazine and newsletters.
2000 - 2001 UK Bureau Chief, Worldwide Newsroom Inc
1989 - 1995 Executive Director, HCJB World Radio (UK) leading team providing radio skills training, programme production and promotion for the charity's objectives.
1984 - 1989 Head of UK Programme Production & Training, HCJB World Radio.
1984 - 1989 Presenter and producer of Sunday breakfast sequence at BBC Radio Leeds
1981 - 1984 Head of English Language Service, HCJB World Radio, Quito, Ecuador
1981 - 1984 'Stringer' for BBC World Service news.
1978 - 1980 Studio Manager, BBC World Service.

Voluntary Roles
1985 - present Reader in the Diocese of Bradford

2007 - present chair of trustees/directors of HCJB-UK a charity

1990 - Member of the Chartered Institute of Journalists (MCIJ)
2007 - Member of the Institute for Learning (MIfL)

Author of a number of unpublished papers and reports exploring effectiveness of communication by Churches and Church related agencies and issues facing Christian communicators.
Co-editor The Journal of the International Communication Training Institute
2010 – Continuing Professional Development and Knowledge Transfer: Being creatively uncertain in training with application to distance learning in Electronic Journal of the International Communication Training Institute (2010)
2008 – Organisations as a Context for Curriculum Development: A Consideration of the Learning Organisation Paradigm in Christian Media Training in Electronic Journal of the International Communication Training Institute (6)
2005 - The Appropriateness of Online Methods in Training and Curriculum Development in Journal of the International Communication Training Institute (4), 41-49
2004 - The Effectiveness of Church Communication: A Comparative Content Analysis of the communication of the Bradford Diocese and its use by local newspapers in the same area (unpublished dissertation submitted for the award of MA in Communication Practice)
2003 - (with D De la Haye) Training Needs Analysis: A starting point for developing new leaders in Journal of the International Communication Training Institute (2), 25-34

1995 - Christian Communication: Faith, Community or Culture (unpublished dissertation submitted for the award of Archbishops' Diploma for Readers)
1982 - co edit (with Dr C W Jones & P Sandahl) Communicating Christ: Do it right, HCJB World Radio

Personal blog on training issues can be viewed here:

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