Directory of Media Training Institutions

The organisations named may not have provided information directly to ICTI or ICMC but we have been told that an ICMC member uses that organisation's training facilities. We make no claim that the list is exhaustive and welcome all suggestions for inclusion of new training institutions or corrections to current entries.

Sadly, not all institutions have provided contact addresses but where these become known the database will be updated.

ICMC does not warrant that any of the institutions named can provide training or assistance at any particular level or with any particular competence.

City Location:

Media Offered:
ICTI Approved:

Church of England Communications Training
London, UK

Centro Cristiano de Comunicaciones
Quito, Ecuador

COMIX35 (ROX35 Media, Inc.)
Albuquerque, USA
Comics, visual-story literature

IBRA Media
Stockholm, Sweden
IBRA Media is involved in most kinds of media production in different parts of the world. IBRA together with partners has Regional Training Centres in the Middle East, East Africa and West Africa. Globally IBRA Media is offering Online media training through, the Online Media Institute, in English, Arabic and French (being developed)

Radio Worldwide
Leeds, UK

TWR Africa
Kempton Park, Republic of South Africa

Lomé, Togo

Magazine Training International
Colorado Springs, USA
Five courses and a variety of conferences from time to time.

I. Two DVD courses with subtitles in Russian, Chinese (traditional),
Chinese (simplified) , and Spanish. Training manuals available in eight
languages: "Managing the Magazine: The Business of Magazine Publishing"
and "Design for Magazines"

II. One audio course in English with training manuals available in five
languages: "Writing Magazine Articles"

III. Training manuals for two other courses: Advanced Business of Magazine
Publishing (Russian & English only) and "Editing the Magazine" (Romanian,
Bulgarian, English)

The above courses are also offered during our conferences in different
countries. See website for upcoming conferences and locations.

BBC Training and Development
London & Evesham, UK
Courses in TV, Radio, Journalism, New media, Broadcast technology

Habari Maalum Media
Arusha, Tanzania
One year training for radio producers and various short courses related to media and particularly radio