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Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study

by Frank Gray -
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Dr. Ross James has asked me to conduct a feasibility study to determine if there is need for a new kind of Cambridge Radio Course.

It would not be a direct replacement for the CRC and it would have a specific emphasis on Radio Programming in Health Promotion (RPHP) which you can find on the HCR web-site: or especially using the following link:

As you are aware Ross/HCR have had considerable experience in this area and have a number of good projects behind them in a variety of locations. Many of these are locations where we would be prevented from doing more "traditional" kinds of Christian broadcasting.

The proposed course would be residential and would combine RPHP with Hands-on-Training with the goal of participants producing programs to Broadcast Standard.

It is likely that the venue for the training would be Asia.

It is not intended to compete with any other existing training that we are aware of but there may inevitably be some areas of overlap.

I am not sure if this is the best place to announce this specific interest but it seems like being a good forum where it could be discussed.

You can respond to me at if you prefer that to this open blog.