Glossary of Training Terms

This glossary provides a series of definitions and explanations to support the ICTI virtual learning environment.

Definitions may change by consensus as time goes on.

It is managed by the facilitators of the Africa Media Trainers' Network and ICTI Administrators.

We welcome suggestions for changes and additions.
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see entry on mentor
Entry link: coach


The definition of particular knowledge, skills or attitude needed for an individual to undertake particular business activities. Commonly used in the development of vocational qualifications or work-based learning activities. Competences are generally very specifically defined (SMART) so that they can be measured.

Sometimes referred to as competency.
Entry link: competence


a philosophical system recognizing that meaning and understanding are constructed by the person observing or participating in their study/research.
Entry link: constructivism

critical incident

A critical incident is an idea developed in the field of reflective practice. It is an incident or event in a professional person's life which is significant and upon which the practitioner then reflects.

See reflective practice
Entry link: critical incident