Glossary of Training Terms

This glossary provides a series of definitions and explanations to support the ICTI virtual learning environment.

Definitions may change by consensus as time goes on.

It is managed by the facilitators of the Africa Media Trainers' Network and ICTI Administrators.

We welcome suggestions for changes and additions.
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Those currently new to the field and just discovering their own skills. Not recognised as a trainer.

level 3

Level in the UK National Qualifications Framework. A trainer holding a level 3 training qualification is recognised by ICTI as a competent craft skills trainer. A trainer holding a level 4 training qualification is considered by ICTI competent to train trainers.

Level 3 is roughly equivalent to the English 'A' level examination or a high school diploma.

Level 4 is roughly equivalent to the first year of an undergraduate course of study.

Level 7 equates to a Master's degree (QAA M/4 level)

Level 8 equates to a Doctorate (QAA D/5 level)

The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education has a similar framework for higher education alone. These levels are identical but use different labels. (eg: NQF level 7 = QAA level 4 or M level).