Glossary of Training Terms

This glossary provides a series of definitions and explanations to support the ICTI virtual learning environment.

Definitions may change by consensus as time goes on.

It is managed by the facilitators of the Africa Media Trainers' Network and ICTI Administrators.

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A mentee is an individual who is being mentored by a senior or more experienced colleague.

See entry on mentor


A mentor is generally an experienced (often senior) practitioner who enters into a formal agreement with a less experienced colleague (mentee) with a view to encouraging and directing their professional development.

The mentor and mentee will typically have an agreement on their working relationship and this will often extend for an extended period of time.

The role of mentor is similar to, but should not be confused, with that of coach. A coaching relationship is often less formal, exists for a specific task and focused on developing a specific skill, developing particular knowledge or working through a defined attitude change.