Smartphone Film Storytelling

Group photoA smartphone filmmaking refresher training course was held in Toronto in late January with Galilean International. Attending were Galilean directors David and Liz Peters, along with Aaron Peters and Jony Sureshku. "The goal was to cover the curriculum we taught in Mumbai last summer so the four could effectively teach a workshop for student ministry, Cru in Alexandria, Egypt in early February," said training facilitator Dan Henrich. The team taught smartphone filmmaking at the Agape media conference 5-8 February. At the time of writing 25 participants had registered. Photo from left: David Peters, Dan Henrich, Liz Peters, Aaron Peters and Jony Sureshku.

Dan & Christine Henrich will be conducting Mobile Storytelling workshops later in the year.

  • 1-5 June, Ajmer City, Rajasthan India
  • 8-12 June, Margao Town, Goa India
  • 22-26 June, Chandigarh, Punjab India
  • 13-17 July, Nairobi
  • 20-24 July, Addis Ababa with SIM Media

All of these workshops will have "non-professional" attendees including university students and church members. Each five-day workshop will cover smartphone camera use and editing, applications available, story ideas, scriptwriting, storyboarding, lighting and audio. Students will do three practical assignments: Framing and camera movement, 5-shot sequence (edited together on smartphone) and a final group project which could be a news package or a testimony of one of the group with B-roll.

Each of these workshops will provide all on the ground expenses for the trainers (lodging, food and transport) by charging student fees. This ensures that each organiser has "skin in the game" and has definite goals of how to involve the trainees to tell these untold stories of God at work for social media and other distribution. It is also our hope that at least one media mentor will emerge from each group to continue working with each student after the workshop.

Some of these workshops are in collaboration with Global News Alliance which seeks to "Stretch a cooperative news-gathering network around the globe, so that no developments significant to the Church go unreported."


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