Coping Strategies

clasped handsThe current situation is challenging for teachers and trainers on both professional and personal levels. Following a few tips can help you maintain a positive mind set, with support if needed, says Jennifer Hart

We are living in unprecedented times. In these extraordinary circumstances, you will be dealing with new pressures, working to ensure your students can continue with their learning now and in the coming weeks. You will also be creating and experiencing new ways of working, and dealing with the pressure of not knowing how long the situation may go on for.

You may have concerns for your own health, the health of older relatives and others close to you. You may be living alone and missing human connection, you may be a parent, expected to ‘home-school’ your children as you work, while they may themselves be struggling with school and college closures, cancellations of exams and future plans.

For now, it is important to focus on the things you can control, identifying ways to cope with stress, protect well being and work effectively. We all have our own strategies but some common themes prevail.

In this article from the Intuition, the journal of the Society for Education and Training, Jennifer Hart identified five essential ways of coping in stressful times. She says it is essential to Stay in Touch; Embrace Home-Working; Help Others; Focus on Positives; and Seek Help.

Jennifer Hart is a further and higher education manager. The full articles can be viewed online in Intuition pp 14-15.

Hart, J. (2020) ‘Coping Strategies’. Intuition May 2020, 14-15

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