2020 Vision Task Group

ICTI 2020 logoThe task group appointed after the 2020 Vision conference in Alexandria, Egypt is meeting every two weeks using the Zoom conference service. The group is working to present a proposal for members and the Board of International Christian Media Commission to consider in shaping the Institute's activities from next year. Around 30 Institute members gathered last September. The meeting set the stage for the planning process.

The world has changed significantly since the Institute was founded at the Maryvale conferences in the late 1990s.  Learning and development is also very different. Both our way of thinking and delivering training have changed almost beyond our expectations.

ICTI Structures DiagramThe task group, appointed from members by the ICMC Board of Directors, consists of Bassem Maher, Colin Lowther, Sandy Day, Tenkir Teni, and Andrew Steele. So far the the task group has been exploring the key activities for the Institute and structures for delivering them. A full report is expected by the end of September 2020.

Copies of the task group terms of reference and work plans to date are available onine.

Last modified: Saturday, 20 June 2020, 5:23 PM