Online Training for Indonesia Radio Announcers

Indonesian Radio Announcer

Institute member, Reach Beyond, has completed its first-ever online course for Indonesian radio announcers, with 18 participants participating from stations spanning the breadth of the country. Each lesson takes 2-3 hours, and the course lasts 6 weeks, with two lessons per week.

The workshop is aimed at new announcers who have little or no formal training in radio. It starts with an overview of what online study involves: the sort of challenges distance students may face.  It moves from there to core topics relevant to ministry in Christian radio – including studio and software, announcing skills, program planning and content delivery. Landmark lessons include a look at what the Bible says regarding communication, and how to protect one’s station while on air.

Smartphone app screen displayA unique feature of this course is the way it ties training into real experience at the station. Some lessons can be studied at home using the dedicated Android smartphone app, but many activities require students to talk with senior staff, or complete a supervised task in the studio.

Students in the pilot-course were very positive, so a second class is scheduled for October-November.  Testimonials include:

  • “There are so many new things I got from this training…for example, now I know how to breathe properly, when I’m on air it is better and I don’t hear any more gasping or tiredness.”
  • “I have learned many things. Even though they were new…everything has become very easy for me to do.  The learning process…was extraordinary.  May we be a blessing for ourselves, for other people around us, for listeners and especially for the radio where we serve.”
  • “I really like this training because it is very helpful for novice broadcasters like me.”

“Introduction to Radio” is currently only available in bahasa Indonesia, but an English-language version is planned for the New Year.  

Contact: Janice Reid

Last modified: Wednesday, 21 October 2020, 2:26 PM