A Safari in Training

Paul MulebaTrainer, Paul Muleba from the Congo, recently achieved the Institute's Certificate in Training after what he calls an ICTI Safari from 2010 to 2020

A safari is characterised by ups and downs, a pioneering journey in the copper city of Lubumbashi, and a long-term job as a volunteer trainer.

This trip began at the "Foyer des Marins " in Lomé, in a Training of Trainers course led by Roger Cook as a main speaker, and which I was a beneficiary myself in 2010. At the end of that seminar, Roger Cook in his speech, let us know that, this event was the first step in the process for each participant to obtain the International Communication Training Institute's Certificate in Training.

So, I remember asking him the following question: "Where are we going to start?"
And his answer was clear : "Paul, you have to prove what are you able to do," in short harness your talents and skills while combining them with passion.

In order to achieve this goal, I agreed first to put into practice this principle "Who loses wins" by organising several training sessions in collaboration with a media network and the local Church. And one thing is true, the media are taken hostage by political, economic and religious operator. In Africa this means that the mass media are subject to pressure to obtain what is demanded (Isaiah 59:13-15). Therefore, the Christian media training becomes a need and a necessity.

So, to all potential French-speaking trainers, if your heart is deeply touched by this testimony "Safari ICTI" and then, at the command of Jesus Christ : Let us rise up and walk together for the salvation of the nations (John 5:7-11).

And who knows, to pick up Esther 4:14, if it wasn't for a time like this that God gave us the microphone?

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