Continuing Professional Development

Dona Keshia is a trainer based in Benin. Earlier this year Dona was awarded the Institute’s Certificate in Training.

Why is it important upgrading our training faculty?

We have all witnessed how training through COVID-19 is not physically practical. There is nonetheless the digital generation that has not stopped in this critical situation.

If we think we need to continue training despite circumstances; this aspect would have to be part of a personal upgrading system. In most senses, we need to continue training because the world has not stopped. Today we are witnessing the emergence of the digital world, no matter how we regret the subsidence of the traditional learning styles as being in a seminar; a classroom; or on the field.

I think it is time for trainers to become self-directed learners as well as how digital training works. This calls in for Digital Literacy. As the use of MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), which some of us are already used to, or other educational media (platforms) as they are numerous that could offer tutorials and DIYs, etc. Ex: Websites; Blogs, YouTube & co.

Tutorials are presently flourishing as people are everywhere on the internet to learn new ways and train in their field. As digitalization is flourishing, a trainer would have to adapt to the cues that come along in the synchronous and asynchronous styles: as deadlines and learning vs. teaching style management; the interaction with learners through the discussion posts vs. the real-time lives; the time zones, etc.

While learning and training could be versatile, the trainer needs to upgrade as well. With needs to correctly define, plan, manage, and anticipate technical difficulties for the training field. ICTI has been encouraging the development of trainers through the years. It is needed now, more than ever.

Last modified: Wednesday, 21 October 2020, 2:37 PM