Responding to Virus Challenges

Ramses Gendy leads a media ministry based in Egypt. Ramses reports on his experiences after the COVID-19 pandemic confused training plans.

“What looks to be an obstacle, became an opportunity.”

Online learning using Zoom softwareThe planned face to face training of new workers in our ministry faced the high wall of the necessity of social distance restrictions of these days. Cancellation was the only option in our mind. The trainees whom we planned to receive in our ministry office were living in several governorates over all Egypt. They are not equipped for technology and the usage of Zoom or other online meeting programs. The training subject was about sharing the good news through face to face meetings with our media contacts. That is why we did not required technical skills as part of the trainees’ abilities.

However, these challenges cause our committee members to pray, think, and plan. We decided to encourage those 21 persons to take the step of using their mobiles or any available computer (of their children) to join the training. The first online session was so much fun to get them in the Zoom room and to help each of them to hear and speak. The next sessions, the trainer was able to use power-point, videos, and invite trainees to participate. The next few sessions they could interact in small groups and conclude ideas and return back with their ideas.

I can tell that all trainers, including me, have received much more encouragements than what we expected. What looks to be an obstacle, became an opportunity. At the other hand, those persons who successfully completed the 8 sessions of the training program approved to themselves that nothing is impossible if you have a real desire. In the same time, they gained several skills to help them reaching and communicating Christ in Face to face meetings and in using of the social media. Glory is to our Lord.

Last modified: Wednesday, 21 October 2020, 2:39 PM