Step into the Water...

Dan HenrichDan Henrich challenges members to have courage to step out in the strange COVID virus days...

Each of us has a story about our start in media ministry. We had a unique “sending” by our Pentecostal church in December 1983. We had been struggling with leading a house church and finally our pastor said that God needed our media skills to train and produce evangelistic media radio and TV programs to reach those Lost without Jesus. A light went off in our minds and that became our plum line. Is what we are doing following the plum line - teaching and producing culturally relevant messages? Since early 1984 we have done just that, starting in India, too many countries in Asia and Africa.

Back to that key day in December 1983 when we were ordained as missionaries, the quartet sang that wonderful song, “Step into the water, Wade out a little bit deeper. Wet your feet in the water of his love. “ Who would have thought that deep water would include COVID, quarantines, illness, and death to some of our friends and co-workers? The song goes on, “Step out a little deeper and Stand up for what is right.

It's time we squared our shoulders back And raised our swords to fight. For the Bible is our weapon, And the spirit is my shield. The church needs more of its members to be workers in the field.”

For all of us in ICTI, we need to raise our sword (Bible) and get back to the field! Let’s keep praying for each other as we consider our opportunities! Here is a link to that song: 


Dan Henrich is Assistant Professor of Communications. Edward Waters College, Jacksonville, Florida and facilitator of online learning platform

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