A New Name for a New Season

Health Communication Resources in the UK is changing its name. Jon Hargreaves explains why names are important.

After almost a year, many conversations and even more cups of coffee, our charities in the UK and Pakistan, have now become Amplifying Voices. While continuing to be a vital part of the Health Communication Resources (HCR) family and collaborating closely with our colleagues in Australia, we felt this new name better communicates what we do:  Amplifying the voices of communities facing crisis or disadvantage. It paints a picture of people empowered to speak out and be heard.  Starting with what's strong, not with what's wrong, we provide media tools to help get people talking, listening and taking action to improve their health, well-being and resilience.

Pursuing the Vision

We are changing our name but not our nature, as we continue to support our partners in Africa and Asia, with a shared vision of seeing healthy communities living, what Jesus described as, "life in all its fullness".  Where His restoring work is evident; where broken relationships between people, with the environment and with God are restored; where communities are set free from poverty, injustice and violent conflict.

But while the global pandemic continues to keep us grounded and unable to travel, we continue using the variety of on-line tools to mentor, coach and resource our key partners, while exploring new opportunities for ministry.  And great things are happening...

More information: https://amplifyingvoices.uk

Last modified: Wednesday, 17 March 2021, 4:15 PM