When Trainers Need Patience

Dona Keshia is a trainer based in Benin.

Through my years of training, among the different age ranges I have met, I have had to offer training to a couple of youths in radio, at different time spans. These specific training activities were for an average period of three months.

As my most recent training rounded up this month of February 2021, I am reflecting on the topic of young people in media versus lots of patience as a trainer. For, I have seen that we get to encounter setbacks, low expectations, and ungratefulness at times with some learners after having invested generously in these lives.

I can barely say if these particular training events were successful since feedback search-results did not reflect people I have been acquainted with through the process. On-the-ground issues are often experienced and I need to adapt in versatile ways and learn new things when it comes to personality. I mostly want to speak about the aspect of integrity and communication challenges faced with learners.

With adult learning, feedback is beneficial for the trainer and learner to adjusting of content. But, when as a trainer, you do not know what is happening in the learner’s mind, the next feedback tool you get is body language. These are challenging facets for trainers, which require an amount of patience.

Through experience and reflection, I have observed this: at times it may not be curricular issues, but mostly personality issues with great influence on maturity (age-range) combined with inexplicit factors which may affect our training willy-nilly.

As trainers in Christian media, this is important for us to be aware of stepping into the training plate never knowing what to expect, and having to bear graphs and charts that may flip easily, speaking of learners’ integrity. While media is a very demanding field in which slight errors can amount to a lot, we need upcoming generations ‘juveniles’ in Christian media, able to reflect their deliberate field with ethical values and the fear of the Lord Jesus-Christ as they walk towards gaining maturity.

Last modified: Wednesday, 17 March 2021, 4:25 PM