New Dates for LittWorld Conference in Hungary

MAI has announced new dates for the LittWorld global publishing conference in Hungary.  The conference will be held 24-29 April 2022, six months later than previously planned.

“Holding the conference in April 2022 offers many advantages,” MAI President John Maust said. “It will allow more time for participants to receive the Coronavirus vaccine, to regain their confidence in international travel, and begin to recover from financial hardship caused by the pandemic.”  

Kornel Herjeczcki and John Maust The decision comes with full support from the MAI-Europe host team and local chair Kornel Herjeczcki of Harmat Publishers in Budapest, who believe the April 2022 dates will result in a stronger participation by publishing staff and writers from across the world.

Except for the dates, plans remain the same for the coming LittWorld. Author, Philip Yancey, will be the keynote speaker, and the conference will be held at Hotel Azur on Lake Balaton, the largest lake in Central Europe, 60 miles from Budapest.  This will be the first LittWorld in continental Europe.

More than 200 publishing staff and writers from 40-plus countries are expected at the conference, which will have as its theme: Stronger Together:  Publishing Hope Beyond Crisis.
“The pandemic has radically changed the world and work of global Christian publishers and writers,” MAI President John Maust said. “How can we persevere and excel in this new environment?  What is God saying to us?  What should we be doing differently?  How can we more effectively serve our readers?  LittWorld 2022 will give us an opportunity to meet and consider these questions together.”

“Conference plenary sessions and small group-workshops will be interactive in nature.  Ideas, experiences and best practices will be shared.  New friendships and networks will form.  Needs will be bathed in personal and corporate prayer.  In the process, participants will grow stronger together in their ministry of the published word, and countless readers will be the spiritual beneficiaries.”

In the lead-up to the physical LittWorld conference in April 2022, MAI will hold some virtual meetings and a writing contest tied to the conference theme.  Prayer for God’s leading and provision for the conference is requested of all MAI partners and friends.  

Men and women from 94 countries have participated in the conference since it began in 1986. Through LittWorld, MAI has seen publishing houses born, new books, magazines and podcasts conceived, and skills refined for more effective communication. Inevitably, participants take away a new or reinforced commitment to produce content by writers in the local heart language and culture.

 “Come to LittWorld 2022 and share with global colleagues what God has taught us as writers and publishers,” Kornel Herjeczki said.

Further details and registration will become available in the coming months.

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