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book coverIt can often be a problem accessing books in some parts of Africa. If nothing else, bookshops such as Amazon can be reluctant to despatch to many countries. Even when books can be obtained they are often not focused on the target audience.

So it has been a delight to find several publications aimed directly at media practitioners in East and Southern Africa.

Justine Limpitlaw’s outstanding collection on Media Law for Africa covers the current state in 16 nations of Eastern and Southern Africa bringing the kind of resource that has previously only been available for European and North American journalists.

Understanding the legal environment for media practitioners can be an essential key in knowing how to cover events as a journalist. Limpitlaw’s four volumes open the door for writers and broadcasters to know more clearly what is expected by the courts and governments of African nations.

The added bonus is that these four volumes are available free of charge from the publisher’s website.

KAS Media Africa commissioned the Media Law Handbook for Eastern Africa following the eager response to the Media Law in Southern Africa, published in 2012. Both regional books are two-volume publications aimed at closing knowledge gaps about media law. Journalists and media practitioners often don’t know their rights. The book explains the importance of freedom of expression in the first chapter and subsequently outlines the hallmarks of a democratic media environment.

Book CoverRadio in Developing Countries

Another book available online comes from the Radio World International (RWI) stable.

This monthly magazine regularly publishes short books to explore particular issues affecting broadcasters. The latest publication looks at Radio’s Role in Developing Countries.

This latest Radio World International eBook looks at the ways stations and nonprofit establishments are meeting the challenges of this important role. It offers some notable examples of how broadcasters are launching or expanding services in specific emerging countries, illustrating how the medium plays an essential part in improving people's lives; and more.

This book is available free of charge by registering on the RWI website

magazine coverRadio World magazine is aimed at broadcast professionals (including trainers). The international edition is available in English and French. It focuses on technical rather than content but can still give helpful insight on current trends.

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