Online Manual for Media Trainers

A new resource for trainers has been launched on the Institute website.

Designed to help trainers with their own continuing professional development and to give a resource to those just embarking on training in their responsibilities, the Developing Training Field Manual is available without charge to all visitors to the website.

Web page imageInstitute members can use their username and password to log-in and can then edit content to add further insight and ideas. Members can also propose additional topics to be included.

The Field Manual uses well known wiki software to enable collaborative development so that insights from across the media training world can be included. Instructions are provided on every page.

Topics include Continuing Professional Development, Delivering and Evaluating Training, Having an Impact, Supporting Learners, Managing, Planning and Designing Training, Curriculum Development, and Working across Cultures.

There are practical exercises for users including self-assessment tools to assess their own professional development and identify your personal learning preferences. There are also links to video training resources as well as materials available from external agencies.

Access to the Field Manual is via the Institute website at or a smartphone app.

The ICTI website uses Moodle learning management system software. Download the current Moodle Mobile app from the Google Play store or iPhone App Store. Enter the ICTI website address ( when prompted and provide your username and password if required. If you don’t remember your username and password you can recover these from You can also login with Google, Facebook or Microsoft accounts.

The Field Manual is intended to be a collaborative resource and your amendments, corrections and additions are very welcome. Either edit the pages online or add a suggestion in the comment area alongside each entry in Manual.


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Last modified: Wednesday, 12 July 2017, 11:01 AM