Upgrade your learning and development qualifications

Our colleagues in the GoodWork Academy have been working with Middlesex University, London to launch a new Master of Professional Studies course. Middlesex University is now recruiting students to the course to start in September.

The programme will enable students to develop their distinctive practice through critical reflection and situational inquiry. 

It will equip them to remain innovative and relevant in their chosen field and make a purposeful and practical difference in your organisation or community of practice.

Practical experience and expertise have marked students out as someone capable of shaping thinking in their field – The programme provides an opportunity to gain formal accreditation of a contribution and increase professional impact by exploring key issues that will drive the direction of the student’s practice into the future.

ICTI Council member, Dave Adams, is one of the programme leaders for the course. He says that the University has worked hard to make this programme available to international students at the same price as UK participants. If an ICTI graduate Certificate in Training was interested they can apply for credit for their ICTI learning with help from ICTI. “If someone from the ICTI community did join the programme they would benefit from being in a mixed cohort that includes people from the Learning & Development world.


Last modified: Tuesday, 11 July 2017, 10:29 AM