Ethiopian named African Trainer of 2017

Kebbie, Steele and Teni BizaEthiopian trainer, Tenkir Teni Biza, has been named as African Trainer of 2017. Tenkir, who works with SIM and Feba, was nominated by colleagues for his excellence as a trainer and for the effectiveness of his training courses.

Institute Executive Director, Andrew Steele, said it was difficult to make the choice with so many excellent candidates nominated. “It was a real encouragement to see examples of brilliant practice as trainers being presented to us. Tenkir was the unanimous choice of the ICTI Council.”

Joseph Kebbie from Reach Beyond in Ghana, Cathrine Khasoa from Kenya, and Honoré Boni Chabi of Mission Soleil d’Espoir du Bénin were highly commended and commended for their work as trainers on the continent.

Last modified: Wednesday, 4 October 2017, 2:59 PM