Theology Meets Media

Students at Bethel College

India is getting media savvy and Christina Church needs to be prepared to face the challenge.

That is the reason that Bethel Faith Spark College in Coimbatore, India is offering media training to their graduate students. A three-year theology degree offered by Bethel now includes one-year elective specialisation in media.
RW (formerly Radio Worldwide), offers an introduction to media module for students to make an informed decision to choose the elective of media in their third year. Other subjects on offer including leading Worship and Church Administration.

RW’s media trainer, Chris Singh, teaches the Media Introduction course in India. This course helps the students to understand how media is used for outreach, church planting, church growth and introducing Jesus to the 95% of non-Christians, who make the population of India. It also shows how a pastor can use main stream media when interviewed by general TV or Radio Station.

Chris Singh says that it is vital to be informed as media are considered a double-edged sword, which can cure and kill. “As a knife in surgeon’s hand it saves life but the same knife in a criminal’s hand kills. So the students need to understand the value of media and also use it effectively.”

The training covers understanding audience and relevancy of messages and cultural aspect of using media for outreach. On the practical side the course teaches use of technology, software for audio and video editing, writing, presentation, interviewing and camera skills for still photos and recording video.

Follow up and research for Gospel presentation and Church planting is also covered. This course gives an informed understanding on using media and also as a consumer of media.

Bethel has taken a lead in introducing this aspect of training pastors for future church ministry. Singh says “Every Bible College must take this important step forward to train a well-rounded Christian worker.”

RW aims to resource and build people for ministry, so their effort is fully rewarded for the Gospel.


Last modified: Monday, 26 March 2018, 2:02 PM