Fund assists technical training in Mali

Training session in MaliIn June, Honoré Boni of Soleil d’Espoir, supported by the Africa Media Training Fund, Reach Beyond and AbR Media travelled to Mali to support staff from Christian community radio stations and deliver  training covering studio operation and basic maintenance.

Christian stations in Mali have faced many challenges from Islamist insurgents - especially in the North-East part of the country.

Even though French is an official language, many participants preferred to work in their first language of Bamabara. The language challenges meant that practical sessions were particularly useful.

Boni reports that the participants valued the event: "They were very excited about this training and they have enjoyed the time asking question, discovering new things about the radio studio. We were not being able to do any course on audio editing because of lack of computer and also because much of them are not familiar with computer usage."

At the end of the training the participants said that they wanted to see the training become a yearly event which will help them to learn many things without going to electronics school.

The Africa Media Training Fund is operated by the Africa Media Trainers group to support local trainers in the continent to deliver key media skills needed by Church and community media projects.

Last modified: Thursday, 5 July 2018, 9:17 AM