LittWorld: A Feast at the Global Dinner Table

Pusonnam Yiri trainingJohn Maust is President of MAI and reflects on the impact of the LittWorld conferences. The next is scheduled for 28 October...

Nigerian author Pusonnam Yiri lowered his voice in the noisy room.  His listeners around the table leaned forward, not to miss a word.

"I compare the LittWorld conference to a big family Christmas dinner with family members attending from around the world," he said intently. "I met people from many countries who are now my friends."

There's something profoundly energising about joining a global family serving Christ through the published word.

Pusonnam left LittWorld 2015 with an idea for a book on "thinking locally, writing globally," just now published. "God willing, people will produce more locally authored content after reading the book," he said.

Based in an area of violent extremism in northern Nigeria, the father of three also formed a publishing house and focused on training believers to write books.
"The more I write and the more I train, the more I see the publishing needs," he said.  "Africa needs publishing houses more than oil refineries."

As we prepare for LittWorld2018 in Singapore 28 October to 2 November, I wonder who else, like Pusonnam, will join the LittWorld "family"? And what new Christian publications, or even publishing houses, will be born as a result?

A long list of scholarship applicants includes: --A Bhutanese writer who prays that "one day the world will read our stories and be drawn to God" --A Congolese leader writing materials to "help win more people to Christ" --A Slovakian leader seeking "a fresh vision for Christian publishing"

LittWorld participants eagerly pursue training to maximize their skills.  But they are just as hungry to build relationships with peers who offer them strength and encouragement to persevere. 

LittWorld organisers are seeking sponsors to assist in providing scholarships.

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This article was used by permission of MAI and first published in Words for the World newsletter, May-August, 2018.

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