2020 Vision - Background to the conference

BroadcastersThe International Communication Training Institute was formed in 1996 through a process involving representatives of Christian media agencies involved in the provision of learning and development amongst Church and community media enterprises.

The Institute was formed by the partners with aims agreed in the 1995 Maryvale Covenant in which they agreed to work together to identify training needs and appropriate solutions, promote and facilitate quality training, encourage the sharing of curriculum and training resources, develop and monitor standards, evaluate outcomes and award certificates to agreed standards, and to provide training for trainers.


In the recent survey of members, the Institute identified the areas we consider important in the Institute's future activities. At different stages the Institute has given focus to these various areas and each one receives attention as members require. The development of the Certificate in Training and associated Training of Trainers course has become a significant focus for the Institute and is the activity area that members most often recognise as a product of the Institute.

The survey results show that the Training of Trainers has been accessed by 90 per cent of members with three-quarters indicating that they would miss the programme if it ceased to exist. Some say that the course gave them skills which have equipped them for management or provided a pathway to promotion or new employment.

The one activity that the Institute undertakes which was not explicitly mandated in the Maryvale Covenant is the support and encouragement of trainers. The lone nature of the work of many of the trainers connected with ICTI was recognised by Institute staff early on and has been underlined via recent research activity undertaken by the Executive Director. The Institute's response to this need is seen in the newsletter and support for communities of practice.

The Institute has supported several 'Communities of Practice' at different times. Currently the only active group is the Africa Media Trainers. This continues to provide a valuable forum to support media training and trainers working on the continent. The Institute holds a grant fund created by the AMT to support African trainers and events.

Funding for future development

In the process of gathering survey responses from members it was clear that the majority would miss the work of the Institute and would prefer it to continue as an independent organisation. However, there was an understandable reluctance to commit to increased membership fees.

Members of the ICMC Board and ICTI Council recognise that members need to feel that the benefits they receive will be worth any increased fees.

The challenge faced by the ICMC Board and Institute Council has been to identify a means of responding to members' desire for the Institute to continue but, at the same time, cover the salary requirements of successors to the current executive staff.
The Institute has always been a member-focused organisation. The Council and ICMC Board have agreed that the way ahead needs to be led by the members.

ICTI 2020 event logo2020 Vision

To build the future direction plans have been announced for a gathering in late September 2019 when members will have the opportunity to participate in setting the agenda to build a vision for the future in 2020 and beyond.

This 2020 Vision event is scheduled to run from 28 September until 3 October 2019 at a venue in Africa. It will be open to all members of the Institute as well as others who have an interest in the future of learning and development in Church and community enterprises - especially those in the countries of the South.

Members will receive invitations and booking forms early in 2019 but, in the meantime, please schedule the date in your diary.

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