2020 Vision in the current issue

ICTI 2020 logoIn this issue of Catalyst we have two tributes to training that has developed as a result of the Institute’s Training of Trainers programme.

We also had a letter from the FEBA/SIM media coordinator for the Horn of Africa, Tenkir Teni.

“I got an opportunity to give a training during the AbRM meeting in Sierra Leone. It was really great to see over 40 people...Some never had such opportunity before and some had little training. It was a bit difficult as I had to offer the training in English coming from Eastern part of Africa to the French speaking, Western part. But the discussion was great, the trainees were active interacting and engaged, that encouraged me a lot. After the training the trainees said that they never had such good training and they want more like this. This implies a training need to the area. After I offered the training, as usual I thanked ICTI for enabling me to train and equip others so that that Christian media become more effective in Africa.”

The next phase in the Institute’s involves your contribution and ideas. A conference will take place next year - 29 September-3 October 2019. Final plans are being made on the location but you are encouraged to keep these dates free so that you can contribute to the Institute’s development in 2020 and beyond.

Members will receive invitations to participate by January 2019.

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