2020 Futures

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You are warmly welcome to join the Institute’s Council and other members to explore the future. Established in 1996 the Council and the Board of the International Christian Media Commission are calling us together to make plans.

In 1995 members agreed to work together to identify training needs and appropriate solutions, promote and facilitate quality training, encourage the sharing of curriculum and training resources, develop and monitor standards, evaluate outcomes and award certificates and to provide training for trainers.


The development of the Certificate in Training and associated Training of Trainers course has become a significant focus for the Institute and is the activity area that members most often recognise as a product of the Institute. A recent survey has shown that the Training of Trainers has been accessed by 90 per cent of members. Some say that the course gave them skills which have equipped them for management or provided a pathway to promotion.

Throughout its life the Institute has focused on the support and encouragement of trainers. The lone nature of the work of many of the trainers connected with ICTI has been underlined via recent research activity undertaken by the Executive Director.
This event will provide you with the opportunity to connect with fellow trainers and managers. You will have time to discuss your plans for the future and connect with colleagues.

The Institute continues to support media training and trainers through communities of practice and holds a grant fund created by the AMT to support African trainers and events.

2020 Vision

The Institute has always been a member-focused organisation. The Council and ICMC Board have agreed that the way ahead needs to be led by the members. To build the future direction plans you are invited to participate in setting the agenda to build a vision for the future in 2020 and beyond.

This 2020 Vision event will take place from 29 September until 3 October 2019 in Alexandria, Egypt. It is open to all members of the Institute as well as others who have an interest in the future of learning and development in Church and community enterprises - especially those in the countries of the South.


The venue in Egypt has been chosen because it offers easy access for all members, has good facilities at reasonable cost and recognises the contribution of colleagues in the South to the Institute and its future.

Accommodation will be in single bedrooms (with twin rooms available for couples) at Villa Dreams and Villa Pathy in the King Marriout area - a short drive from Alexandria’s Burg el Arab international airport.


In addition to the planning and discussion meetings time will be given for private discussions, relaxation and tours to visit Alexandria which offers opportunities to see the Roman amphitheatre, the famous Alexandria Library, and the Citadel.
The event will include opportunities to dream of how the future might look for training in Christian media as well as time to learn from one another.

As well as the visits to Alexandria which are included in the conference event, you will have the opportunity to register at your own cost for optional tours. Spouses are welcome to join for the event and tours.


There will be no charge to participate in the Institute’s 2020 Vision event.  We want everyone to be able to attend. Participation is limited to members and associates of ICTI who complete the registration.

Participants will be responsible for their own travel to and from Alexandria and for visa fees. If you get to Alexandria we will look after you while you are there.
The follow-up tours to visit Cairo and Pyramids, the Nile Cruise or spend time at the Red Sea resort of Hurghada can be booked at your own expense and paid for separately.


You should book your travel to arrive in Alexandria on the afternoon / evening of 28 September. Flights arrive via Cairo and Istanbul.  It is also possible to arrange ground transport from Cairo to Alexandria at your own expense. At the end of the conference you should depart from Alexandria on the early morning of Friday, 4 October. If you are joining one of the optional tours you should arrange your home flights from Cairo. We will advise on the best options for you to connect with your chosen tour.

How to Register

You can register for this event online

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