Creative Response Generates Training Impact

Ramses Gendy has been active as a trainer alongside his other responsibilities for some years but has had to respond to requests for training in ways he had not anticipated.

Ramses GendayLast week, I got a message from a trainee who expressed how online training was very helpful for her. The story started with a request from Eman (different name) who lives in a very conservative society in a small town in upper Egypt. She wanted to learn how to communicate the Good News with her Muslim colleagues whom she meets at work. The only available way of communication was WhatsApp on her mobile phone. I was able to  re-format the training materials (Text, videos, ...) to suit a smartphone. WhatsApp was the platform of the interactive conversations between me as trainer and others involved in the training process. At the end of the four weeks of training, I expected that would be as far as we would go. However, Eman was very active applying all she had learned. What encouraged me was that she could build trust with her colleagues and on this bridge of trust she was able to share the gospel with them. What was more important was the passion she gained from the training and the interest in transferring the training with others.

I liked this WhatsApp online training which gave more flexibility for me as trainer and my trainees.

Last modified: Friday, 19 July 2019, 10:25 AM