West Africa Media Training

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Komlan Sowou reports on the current students at Mediafrique, the media school serving Francophone West Africa from Togo.

Christian Media Training Institute for French-speaking Africa, Mediafrique, has resumed the second quarter since 8 July with the students of the ninth cohort to attend the school. These media missionaries have just completed six weeks of practical training in radios after the first trimester of classes. The objective assigned to the internship is to enable them to value their achievements, to rub their hands to the realities of the field and to acquire other experiences. They came back very proud to have lived up to the demands of the trade and enjoyed the training at Mediafrique. Students say that they feel their experiences at Mediafrique are as good as other training centres with programmes that span two or three years. They can anticipate with pride that at the end of the eight-month course, they will be professionals who can use the media and communicate the gospel effectively to make disciples of Christ.


Last modified: Friday, 19 July 2019, 10:29 AM