TWR builds training partnership GAKA FM, Nsanje

Participants at Gaka FMWhile TWR boasts of  reaching almost all Malawi through ten transmitting sites, there are still spaces that are better reached by local community radio stations like Gaka FM at Bangula in Nsanje District. This is the only community radio station in the Lower Shire-an area often prone to floods from the Shire River that feeds into the famous Zambezi River and onto the Indian Ocean through Mozambique.

To enhance their programming and enable TWR reach more people in the community, a partnership has been set up to share programmes. Gaka FM committed to airing some of TWR’s local programmes like Tisanthule Baibulo, Nzeru pa Chuma and Growing the Marriage. The Executive Director for the Foundation for Active Civic Education (FACE) that owns Gaka FM, Gizex Gizayi, appreciated TWR’s reach to the area which he said needs spiritual transformation that TWR can offer through its programmes. 

During the visit to the station, Gaka FM staff were taken through production and presentation issues. In attendance were 13 producers and presenters. They greatly appreciated the training which they said enlightened them to the programming and programme management gaps. For instance, one of them, Charity, said that the training helped her understand her roles as a producer. she added that normally, she would wake up and not be sure of what to present that day for her women’s programme.

Another presenter understood appreciated why his listeners liked particular presenters more than others. He attributed that to knowledge of the audience which every producer and presenter needs to have. earlier, the station management had mobilized 27 pastors to interact briefly with TWR National Director. The pastors appreciated TWR’s reach to the area and looked forward to more collaboration through Gaka FM broadcasts.

Last modified: Friday, 19 July 2019, 10:33 AM