Training in the DRC

Pastor Mabutwa Miatsi Edouard reports on the latest training in western DRC

In RAOFM Media ministry we are involved in training in the region where we have radio production activity. Sometimes we offer seminars to participants from different local churches to build awareness of the use radio in proclaiming the Good News. In those seminars we show them its  power and weakness so that they may overcome all barriers in using this powerful tool.

Last semester we had two training courses in Gemena, a city where we installed a new radio station. In April, 15 young people were trained as part of a new team of journalists and  technicians who are going help at this new radio station.  During the training we talked about : How to address a message to our audience; different strategies of wrapping  up the gospel or Christian message in short announcement; different strategies of making our message interest; types radio programs.

The second training in Gemena was over four days in May. About 28 pastors and evangelists participated because of their interest in producing programmes. The first day we talked about some principles and process of communication, Why do we use radio, from this topic we learned about the power and weakness of radio. The second and the third day we learnt about different types of radio programs. At the beginning of this session we talked how to conceive or start a programme and how we get ideas for programmes.  On the last day we learned how to write for radio programmes.

We will have other training events in which will be in journalism: Collecting , treating, and writing news . Interview and presenting News in the studio. This training will be in Goma during July and Gemena  in August 2019.

Last modified: Friday, 19 July 2019, 10:41 AM