Welcome to this wiki-based field manual for trainers - those engaged in learning and development. Especially, welcome if you are working in changing organisations and locations. We hope you will participate in this collaborative project. You can check out the chapters in the index - especially, if this is your first visit, Contributing to the wiki.

Providing the field manual for trainers is challenging. Each trainer has different ideas of good and bad practice, differing experiences and responses to those experiences.

We also come from different cultural backgrounds. These significantly affect our approach to learning and development. Hofstede noted in 2010 the extent to which less powerful participants accept that power is unequally distributed or 'power distance' has been shown to have a strong correlation with the degree of individualism in a particular situation.

So there is a significant amount that we know about practice that we may not, yet, have captured to pass on for the future. Most of these things are developing - they are not what they were a decade ago. Along the way things have changed. Other things about our practice are emerging. As Polanyi notes, there are many things that we know but are unaware of.

The 'wiki' approach is one way of unpacking these things in collaboration with one another.

Some of the questions which may arise include:

  • What is our role as trainer in changing situations?
  • Why do the organisations we work with often not seem to move forward?
  • What is there about handing over to others in the south that pushes the boundaries of 'northern' approaches?
  • There are many different approaches to education. Which of these pedagogies have lasting promise in the changing contexts within which we work?

Lessons learned will be used to refine the field manual for further use in other places.



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Developing the Field Manual
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