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The world is changing and so is the world of learning and development. This 'wiki' is intended to be a ‘field-book’ or ‘manual’ for trainers who are supporting changing organisations into the future. This document is not a how-to manual although such insights may be in evidence. Rather, it provides the next generation with ideas and approaches to their own practice drawn from the inquiry of others .

It is a participative space where ICTI members can chip in with their own perspective, suggest areas and topics to be added or correct errors and update with more recent ideas and practice.

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Travel Challenges

Trainers are often on the move and have to deal with a range of travel related challenges. This part of the Wiki is aimed at providing insight on some of those areas.

Please note: The information provided here does not constitute any legal or professional advice. It is provided solely as an indicative resource and you are urged to seek guidance from an appropriate professional if you wish to develop skills or take action as a result of this resource.

Health and First Aid - simple advice on how to respond to health issues that might affect you or one of your course participants. We recommend that all trainers learn basic first aid and keep their skills refreshed every three years.

Risk Assessment - wherever we live we become familiar and relaxed about the risks that exist. Visitors may find these same things to be a challenge. ICTI has developed a simple tool that travellers can use to identify the risks involved in travelling in unfamiliar places. This audit can help you decide whether it is safe to visit a place and what action might be usefully taken to reduce the level of risk.

Crossing Borders - a collection of documents which capture the experiences of other trainers visiting countries and what might be needed to enter the country. This list is not comprehensive and you can suggest additional data which could be added.

Personal Safety - resources to help you consider the issues that arise when travelling away from home/base.

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