Developing Training Field Manual

The world is changing and so is the world of learning and development. This 'wiki' is intended to be a ‘field-book’ or ‘manual’ for trainers who are supporting changing organisations into the future. This document is not a how-to manual although such insights may be in evidence. Rather, it provides the next generation with ideas and approaches to their own practice drawn from the inquiry of others .

It is a participative space where ICTI members can chip in with their own perspective, suggest areas and topics to be added or correct errors and update with more recent ideas and practice.

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Planning & Designing Training

Ideas and approaches to planning and designing training interventions are continually changing. New approaches appear and are adopted by an enthusiastic band of followers and remain until the next new idea comes along. Sometimes the new ideas are little more than a refining of the old.

As a result any suggestion here is likely to be revised along the way. So feel free to add your thoughts, corrections and new ideas. Instructions on how to do this can be found by following links to Contributing to the wiki.

This chapter has the following sections:

Developing Curriculums
Tools to Manage Training

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