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The world is changing and so is the world of learning and development. This 'wiki' is intended to be a ‘field-book’ or ‘manual’ for trainers who are supporting changing organisations into the future. This document is not a how-to manual although such insights may be in evidence. Rather, it provides the next generation with ideas and approaches to their own practice drawn from the inquiry of others .

It is a participative space where ICTI members can chip in with their own perspective, suggest areas and topics to be added or correct errors and update with more recent ideas and practice.

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When away from home it is not unusual for a traveller to experience one or more illnesses or conditions.

The first port of call should always be a suitably qualified medical practitioner - a doctor or nurse practitioner may be able to offer advise. As a trainer you may have undertaken first aid training and might have insight into whether you or an injured or unwell colleague might need medical help. If in doubt seek help.

Pharmacists may be able to advise appropriate medication for simple conditions. However, being aware of the medicines that are most likely to be appropriate can also be of assistance.

We recommend arranging for the option to speak to a doctor in your home country by telephone if you need advice and cannot see a local medical practitioner.

If all else fails you may find advise from colleagues at InterHealth - a medical practice based in London which supports aid and development workers. The InterHealth website has many useful pages. The UK's National Health Service has an online advice website NHS Choices which is available wherever there is Internet access.

Always carry details of any medication that you are taking as well as a brief summary of any medical conditions that you suffer from.

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