I am Chief Executive at HCJB Global in Bradford, UK. I'm married to Dawn, have two kids - Simon (19) and Emma (17) and live in Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, England.

HCJB Global has been reaching out to listeners with the claims of Christ for 75 years via short-wave radio, local FM radio and now satellite radio and the Internet. We partner with churches and missions around the world to help them fulfil Christ's Great Commission through mass media and medical ministries.

In Britain, rather than focus on the traditional world of Christian radio, HCJB Global has a passion to reach those outside the church who listen to mainstream radio stations. To achieve this we use the name 'Whistling Frog Productions' - placing our own award-winning radio material on local commercial stations, resourcing Christians already working in the radio industry and offering quality training to aspiring Christian broadcasters. The ethos of Whistling Frog Productions is simple: to produce creative, non-cheesy radio for a mainstream audience on Christian themes, making sure the final product is entertaining, thought-provoking and definitely not preachy. The Whistling Frog Productions team also produces a weekly Sunday breakfast show on commercial radio in West Yorkshire, are involved in professional radio training in the UK and overseas, and they operate a Radio Volunteers Group in Bradford every Tuesday evening.

HCJB Global also runs AUDIOPOT, the UK's on-line library of creative Christian audio. This popular website offers free access to over 1600 MP3 files of thoughts, interviews and features - easy to search and perfect for illustrating talks, starting discussions in the classroom or playing on local radio. Registration is free at www.audiopot.org.

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